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[   ]A Structured Solution Approach for Markov Regenerative Processes.pptx2016-02-01 22:05 5.8M 
[   ]A Systematic Approach for Composing General Middleware Completions to Performance Models.pptx2016-02-01 22:05 738K 
[   ]Accelerating Parametric Probabilistic Verification.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 580K 
[   ]An Open Alternative for SMT-based Verification of Scade Models.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 265K 
[   ]Analysis of real-time properties of a digital hydraulic power management system.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 875K 
[   ]A new GreatSPN GUI for GSPN editing and CSLTA model checking.pptx2016-02-01 22:05 260K 
[   ]A perfect sampling algorithm of random walks - no animations.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 1.5M 
[   ]A perfect sampling algorithm of random walks.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 1.6M 
[   ]Assetion-based Monitoring in Practice - Checking correctness of a modern Automotive Sensor Interface.pptx2016-02-01 22:05 2.0M 
[   ]A statistical approach for computing reachability of non-linear and stochastic dynamical systems.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 1.4M 
[   ]Automated Capacity Planning for PEPA Models.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 348K 
[   ]Combined Global and Local Search for the Falsification of Hybrid Systems.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 373K 
[   ]Compositionality Results for Quantitative Information Flow.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 1.3M 
[   ]Continuity Properties of Distance Functions for Markov Processes.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 197K 
[   ]Data-driven Statistical Learning of Temporal Logic Properties.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 2.0M 
[   ]Deadlock Avoidance in Train Scheduling: A Model Checking Approach.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 1.4M 
[   ]Dealing with Zero Density Using Piecewise Phase-type Approximation.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 306K 
[   ]Deciding the value 1 problem for reachability in 1-clock Decision Stochastic Timed Automata.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 293K 
[   ]Decision Problems for Unary PFAs.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 328K 
[   ]Delay-dependent partial order reduction technique for time Petri nets.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 330K 
[   ]Explicit State Space and Markov Chain Generation Using Decision Diagrams.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 355K 
[   ]Fluid vacation model with Markov modulated load and exhaustive discipline.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 559K 
[   ]Formal Analysis of a Fault-Tolerant Routing Algorithm for a Network-on-Chip.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 256K 
[   ]Formal Specification and Verification of TCP Extended with the Window Scale Option.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 202K 
[   ]Formal Synthesis and Validation of Inhomogeneous Thermostatically Controlled Loads.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 2.2M 
[   ]Formal punctuality analysis of frequent bus services using headway data.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 731K 
[   ]Improving Static Analyses of C Programs with Conditional Predicates.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 453K 
[   ]Learning Fragments of the TCP Communication Protocol.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 1.9M 
[   ]Low-rank tensor methods for communicating Markov processes.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 280K 
[   ]Mean field for performance models with generally distributed-timed transitions.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 397K 
[   ]Modeling Bitcoin Contracts by Timed Automata.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 788K 
[   ]Modelling Replication in NoSQL Datastores.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 654K 
[   ]Non-Convex Invariants and Urgency Conditions on Linear Hybrid Automata.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 4.7M 
[   ]Non-Markovian Modeling of a BladeCenter Chassis Midplane.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 391K 
[   ]On MITL and alternating timed automata over infinite words.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 1.6M 
[   ]On Performance of Gossip Communication in a Crowd-Sensing Scenario.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 2.1M 
[   ]On Queues with General Service Demands and Constant Service Capacity.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 205K 
[   ]On the Discriminating Power of Testing Equivalences for Reactive Probabilistic Systems: Results and Open Problems.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 118K 
[   ]On the Predictive Properties of Performance Models Derived through Input-Output Relationships.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 1.1M 
[   ]On the Validation of an Interlocking Systems by Model Checking.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 1.1M 
[   ]Optimal Hiring of Cloud Servers.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 939K 
[   ]PALOMA: a Process Algebra for Located Markovian Agents.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 748K 
[   ]Performance Modeling of Intelligent Car Parking Systems.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 1.1M 
[   ]Performance evaluation of NoSQL databases.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 1.4M 
[   ]Probabilistic Programming Process Algebra.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 2.3M 
[   ]Probabilistic model checking of DTMC models of user activity patterns.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 2.7M 
[   ]Randomised testing of a microprocessor model using SMT-solver state generation.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 852K 
[   ]Symbolic Approximation of the Bounded Reachability Probability in Large Markov Chains.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 678K 
[   ]The Octave queueing Package.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 1.1M 
[   ]The Power of Proofs: New Algorithms for Timed Automata Model Checking.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 4.6M 
[   ]Time-Bounded Reachability for Initialized Hybrid Automata with Linear Differential Inclusions and Rectangular Constraints.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 904K 
[   ]Timed Pattern Matching.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 449K 
[   ]Use of a Levy Distribution for Modeling Best Case Execution Time Variation.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 5.6M 
[   ]Vacation and polling models with retrials.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 134K 
[   ]Verification and Performance Evaluation of Timed Game Strategies.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 1.7M 
[   ]Virtual Integration of Real-Time Systems based on Resource Segregation Abstraction.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 1.0M 
[   ]Weak Singular Hybrid Automata.pdf2016-02-01 22:05 948K 

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