Alessandro Fantechi has studied Computer Science at University of Pisa in the late seventies, with a scolarship at the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, earning a Laurea Degree in Computer Science at the University, together with the Diploma of the Scuola Normale, in November 1978.

He has then conducted research in the field of Software Engineering, concentrating in the last twentyfive years on the application of formal specification and verification methods. His main current research interests are on industrial applications of model checkin, in particualr in the railway domain.

He has been affiliated with IEI - CNR in Pisa, University of Pisa, and, since 1995, University of Florence, where he teaches an introductory course on Embedded Systems and an advanced course on Dependable Systems. He maintains research collaborations with ISTI - CNR in Pisa, as well as with other research institutions, such as Telecom Paristech and Technical University of Denmark.

He has maintained strict relations with industries as well, starting from his one year and a half early experience in Olivetti in the early eighties, and then within several research, teaching and consulting collaborations with main Italian companies, such as Ansaldo, Alenia, Agusta, Marconi, General Electric Transportation Systems, Alstom and Italian State Railways, as well as several small and medium enterprises. Most of these companies are active in the fields of safety critical computer systems, and A. Fantechi have had hence the opportunity to mature a significant experience, in particular on the industrial applications of Formal Methods, on Software Certification according to safety guidelines, and in the railway signalling domain.

He has partecipated to European research projects, namely PAPS (Portable Ada Programming System - 1981-82), AdaFD (Ada Formal Definition 1985-1987), LOTOSPHERE (1989-92), GUARDS (Generic Upgradable Architecture for Dependable Systems - 1996-99), MODTRAIN-MODCONTROL (2004-2008).Sensoria (2005-2009)., as well as

He is member of AICA (currently President of the Tuscan local section), FME, IFIP WG 6.1. He has authored more than 90 papers published on international journals and conferences.

His main personal interests, apart from Computer Science and his family, which combined take away most of his time, are bike tourism and public transportation, in particular rail transportation, which is actually not really disjoint from his professional activity. He is member of CIFI (Collegio Ingegneri Ferroviari Italiani), of AMT (Associazione per gli studi sulla mobilita' e i trasporti in Toscana), with the current role of President, and is a member of LRTA (Light Rail Transit Association).