Modeling with JMT – Java Modeling Tools

Giuseppe Serazzi

Politecnico di Milano

Thursday, May 21, 2015, at 2:00pm—5:00pm, in Room 115 (Santa Marta)



JMT ( is a suite of applications, developed by Politecnico di Milano and Imperial College London and released under GPL license, which offer a comprehensive framework for performance evaluation, system modeling with analytical and simulation techniques, capacity planning and workload characterization studies.
In the lecture, the main features of JMT suite, its architecture, the algorithms and techniques available will be briefly reviewed. Initially, to get the audience acquainted with JMT, a simple model is constructed and solved jointly. Then, the talk will focus on the description of several modeling applications including a capacity planning problem for the performance optimization of data centers, a software performance engineering problem concerning the optimal deployment of a web service, a bottleneck identification problem in systems with complex workloads, and the minimization of energy consumption in a server farm with a suitable load control policy.


  • Giuliano Casale and Giuseppe Serazzi, Quantitative system evaluation with Java modeling tools, ICPE 2011
  • Davide Cerotti, Marco Gribaudo, Pietro Piazzolla, Giuseppe Serazzi, Performance optimization with JMT: Java modelling tools, VALUETOOLS 2013
  • Marco Bertoli, Giuliano Casale, Giuseppe Serazzi, User-friendly approach to capacity planning studies with Java modelling tools, SimuTools 2009


Short bio

Giuseppe Serazzi has been full professor at the Politecnico di Milano since 1991, retired from Nov. 2013. He received the Laurea degree in Mathematics from University of Pavia, Italy, and he taught at the University of Pavia, University of Milano, and University of Lugano. He held visiting positions at University of California, Berkeley, INRIA, Paris, University of Maryland, College Park, and Vanderbilt University, Nashville. He co-authored 160+ papers (see the Publication list), 14 of these being books. His research interests include performance evaluation of enterprise networks, modelling techniques, workload characterization, simulative and analytic tools for capacity planning of very large systems. In the early 90’s he was the founder, and still is the coordinator, of the JMT project (Java Modelling Tools for performance evaluation of computing infrastructures) that, since 2006, have been downloaded 40,000+ times from On 2013, Imperial College London joined the project.