Fulvio Patara
Post-doc research fellow
Software Technologies Laboratory (STLab)
Department of Information Engineering
University of Florence

About me

I completed my Ph.D. in Informatics, Systems and Telecommunication Engineering at the University of Florence (2015).

My research focuses on:

  • Multi-level meta-modeling architectures applied to e-Health

  • Continuous-time model-based approaches for Activity Recognition in Ambient Assisted Living

  • Classification, prediction, and scheduling of human activities in stochastic and partially observable systems

  • Automated compliance evaluation of care pathways


  • S. Fioravanti, F. Patara, and E. Vicario. Engineering the Performance of a Meta-modeling Architecture. Workshop on Challenges in Performance Methods for Software Development (WOSP-C). L'Aquila, Italy, April 2017.

  • M. Biagi, L. Carnevali, M. Paolieri, F. Patara, and E. Vicario. A Stochastic Model-Based Approach to Online Event Prediction and Response Scheduling. Computer Performance Engineering (EPEW), 13th European Workshop on. Chios, Greece, October 2016.

  • S. Fioravanti, S. Mattolini, F. Patara, and E. Vicario. Experimental performance evaluation of different data models for a reflection software architecture over NoSQL persistence layers. Performance Engineering (ICPE), 7th ACM/SPEC International Conference on. Delft, Netherlands, March 2016.

  • L. Carnevali, C.D. Nugent, F. Patara, and E. Vicario. A Continuous-Time Model-Based Approach to Activity Recognition for Ambient Assisted Living. Quantitative Evaluation of SysTems (QEST), 12th International Conference on. Madrid, Spain, September 2015.

  • F. Patara, C.D. Nugent, and E. Vicario. Recommendations for the Creation of Datasets in Support of Data Driven Activity Recognition Models. Smart homes and health Telematics (ICOST), 13th International Conference on. Geneva, Switzerland, June 2015.

  • F. Patara, and E. Vicario. Dynamic Adaptation of EHR Structure for Automated Compliance Evaluation. Medical Informatics Europe (MIE), 25th International Conference on. Istanbul, Turkey, September 2014.

  • F. Patara, and E. Vicario. An adaptable patient-centric Electronic Health Record system for personalized home care. Medical Information and Communication Technology (ISMICT), 8th International Symposium on. Florence, Italy, April 2014.

  • L. Carnevali, F. Patara, A. Pinzuti, and E. Vicario. A quantitative approach to run-time monitoring of Markovian concurrent systems. Proceedings of the 2th Workshop on Informatica Quantitativa (InfQ). Lipari, Italy, June 2011.


  • Reviewer

    • 8th ACM/SPEC International Conference on Performance Engineering (ICPE). L'Aquila, Italy, 2017

  • Technical program committee member

    • 9th International Conference on eHealth, Telemedicine, and Social Medicine (eTELEMED). Nice, France, 2017

  • Organizing committee member

    • 18th International Software Product Line Conference (SPLC). Florence, Italy, 2014

Additional materials

  • LaTeX template for bachelor's and master's thesis

  • Beamer presentation template for bachelor's and master's thesis


(+39) 055 27 58 520
Department of Information Engineering
Software Technologies Laboratory (STLab)
Via di Santa Marta 3, 50139, Firenze, Italy