Faculty Members

Alessandro Fantechi
Alessandro Fantechi
Full Professor

Alessandro Fantechi is active in the field of Software Engineering, concentrating on the applications of formal specification and verification methods, especially in the railway signalling domain. He collaborates with CNR in Pisa, University of Pisa, and several industrial partners such as General Electric Transportation Systems, Esterel, Ansaldo Segnalamento Ferroviario, Selex, Comesa, ECM. He is member of AICA, FME, IFIP WG 6.1, and is currently coordinator of the ERCIM FMICS Working Group.

Enrico Vicario
Enrico Vicario
Full Professor

Enrico Vicario carries out scientific research and technological experimentation on model based methods for design, performance and dependability evaluation, verification and testing, of concurrent systems with non-deterministic or stochastic temporal parameters. He is director of the Department of Information Engineering, a member of the Academic Senate, VP of the national board of GII (Gruppo di Ingegneria Informatica), and member of the Steering Committee of the excellence Center for Communication and Media Integration (MICC).

Laura Carnevali
Laura Carnevali
Assistant Professor

Laura Carnevali is an assistant professor at the University of Florence. Her research is focused on formal methods for model driven development of real-time software and on solution techniques for performance evaluation of concurrent non-Markovian models. As a part of her research, she contributed to the implementation of the ORIS Tool.

Giacomo Bucci
Giacomo Bucci
Professor Emeritus

Giacomo Bucci is Professor Emeritus at the University of Florence. His current research interests include software engineering, object-oriented programming, CASE tools, software development methodologies, distributed systems, and performance evaluation. His research group is addressing the problem of rigorous specification of software systems. He is the author of more than ninety publications and has widely consulted for private and public Italian firms.

Research Staff

PhD Students

  • Ye Luyao, MSc
  • Graziano A. Manduzio, MSc
  • Jacopo Parri, Computer Engineer
  • Riccardo Reali, MSc
  • Samuele Sampietro, Computer Engineer
  • Francesco Santoni, MSc
  • Leonardo Scommegna, MSc

Research Fellows (MSc Students)

  • Giulio Baronti, BSc
  • Nicola Bertocci, BSc

Visitors and collaborators

  • Alice Cavaliere, PhD
  • András Horváth, University of Turin (Italy)
  • Simone Mattolini, Software Engineer
  • Marco Paolieri, University of Southern California (USA)
  • Valeriano Sandrucci, Software Engineer
  • Eunjee Song, Baylor University (USA)
  • Kumiko Tadano, NEC Research Labs (Japan)
  • Jacopo Torrini, Software Engineer