Since 2001, research activity of Enrico Vicario has been mainly focused on  the analysis of non-deterministic and stochastic timed extensions of Petri Nets and their application in development, testing, formal verification and quantitative evaluation of real-time systems. The present focus is on analytic approaches for the evaluation of non-Markovian models, on which he mainly collaborates with Andras Horvath, Laura Carnevali, and Marco Paolieri. Most of the results in this area are represented in the Oris tool, which is now distributed in two versions covering verification of models with non-deterministic temporal parameters (Oris-1) and quantitative evaluation of models with stochastic timing (Oris-2).

Until 2001, he mainly worked on Visual Formalisms and on Content Modeling and Matching Algorithms for search by similarity in image archives.

He also carries out  technological experimentation and transfer in the area of software engineering methods and software architectures, with specific focus on healthcare information systems. As a part of this activity, he is co-founder and scientific director of Jaewa, a spin-off of the University of Florence.

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